Become an ACCESS of Wilmington intern to have an applied learning experience you will not forget!

ACCESS of Wilmington now offers many unique internships experiences. Take a look at our current offerings below.



ACCESS of Wilmington now offers a unique experience for students seeking an internship in recreation therapy, parks and recreation, or similar fields!

Students will gain experience in adaptive sports, fitness, and recreation in a community based setting. This internship will allow students to gain experience in program planning and implementation, assessment, progression, event planning, volunteer management, and more! Supervised by a LRT/CTRS.

offering spring and fall internship opportunities

For more information, please contact our Program and Internship Coordinator, Kayla Jakubczak, LRT/CTRS, at (910) 685-1550 or 

Practicum Experiences

Are you an Exercise Science, Public Health or Recreation Therapy student? This could be the perfect practicum experience for you!

You will have the opportunity to plan and implement an adapted fitness class for young adults, adults, and older adults featuring warm up, moderate intensity workout including circuits, strength training with weights and TRX system, cardiovascular training, group sports, yoga, and cool down. You will also assist with pre- and post-assessments, progress notes, and more!

Offering Fall, Spring, and Summer Practicum Experiences

For more information contact Miaya Alston, Program Coordinator, at (910) 398-2211 or


Nonprofit ManagemenT + Event Planning Internships

Did you know ACCESS of Wilmington is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? If you are thinking about a career in the nonprofit sector, we would love to have you! Learn more about nonprofit administration, community outreach and partnerships, event planning, fundraising and grant writing, financial management, marketing, and more!

Offering Fall, Spring, and Summer Internships

Contact Hayley Sink, Executive Director, at (910) 508-6788 or for more information.