Project SOAR


Project SOAR (Sports, Outreach, Adapted Recreation) is an adapted sport program for disabled veterans and members of the Armed Forces with service-connected injuries.

The mission of Project SOAR is to promote active sport participation among military veterans and active duty members of the Armed Forces with disabilities to increase their health, wellness, and quality of life. All training and equipment are provided for FREE.

Made possible by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington and ACCESS of Wilmington, Inc. Project SOAR participants will learn and play archery, cycling, kayaking, scuba, and surfing in the Cape Fear region.

Available Sports

  • Archery - Take aim and learn the fundamentals of archery.
  • Cycling - A great way to stay in shape, try cycling through Project SOAR. 
  • Kayaking - Feel the exhilaration and joy of being on the water!
  • Scuba - Try SCUBA and get your certification by the end of summer!  
  • Surfing - Surf’s up! Join Project SOAR and try surfing this summer. 


Contact Kayla at (910) 685-1550 or for more information. 

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